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Welcome to Tom Harris Auctions!

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We Are Open from 8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. Monday thru Friday

Contact us at (641)754-4890

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93rd Semi-Annual Gene Harris Antique Clock & Pocket Watch Auction

  Friday, May 2nd, 2014 10 A.M.

           Friday Includes over 200 Antique Pocket Watch & Wrist Watches, Clocks and Clock Parts:                     Including 18K & 14K Gold; Antique English Silver Fusee Pair Case; W.M. Wrench Fusee Pair Case 1/4 Hr Repeater; Swiss Fusee Pair Case; Gold Filled; Sterling; Railroad Grade; Elgin B. W. Raymond, Veritas & Others; Hamilton 992 & 992B; Waltham Vanguard, Premier & Others; Rockford; Burlington; Hampden; Illinois; Howard; Swiss and More; 15J, 17J, 19J, 21J & 23J Pocket Watches; Rolex Manís Wrist Watch; Menís and Ladies Wrist Watches; Watch Fobs & Flasher and More. Misc. Watch Repair Items, Plus Many Dials, Movements & Parts From Ohio & Illinois. Clocks Include Kitchens, Mantels, Cuckoos, Novelty, Case Parts, Nice Clock Shelves, Many Clock Movements & More!

 Including many parts from the Dick Broline Collection.

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Saturday, May 3rd, 2014 10 A.M.

The Bill Curtin Estate of Milwaukee, WI,

The Grossman Estate of Mexico, MO and Other Choice Consignments

Saturday will be a full day with over 400 Antique Clocks of good quality including American and French clocks, a huge Collection of Store Regulators, French and American figural clocks, Vienna Regulators, Banjos, Grandfathers, Wall Regulators, and Much More! Fully mechanically restored Criterion Music Box with 23 discs it belonged in one family for over 60 years (See the 7th Photo below.); other music boxes and phonographs will be selling on Saturday. 

Both Days will be full, please plan to attend this big two-day sale! 

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Photos and Descriptions are being posted daily, Please check back!

We are Now Accepting Consignments for Our 94th Semi-Annual Gene Harris Antique Clock and Pocket Watch Auction, October 3rd and 4th, 2014!

Call 641-754-4890 to Talk to Tom!


Tom Harris, the Tom Harris Auctions Staff, and the Doug Poffenberger Family would like to thank friends, volunteers, and the following businesses for their generous donations, assistance and participation to help support the Doug Poffenberger Cancer Benefit Auction held at the Moose on Wednesday, February 19, 2014. Without their support this supper and auction could not have been as successful as it was.

J & J Farm Enterprises                   Leroy Morford Construction Co.                           Ames Racquet & Fitness Center

Hinshaw, Danielson & Haney         Mr. Gís Painting                                                     Top Notch Painting & Flooring

Action Auto                                   Arnold Motor Supply                                             Benís Tire & Auto Service

Headliner                                       Alley Automotive                                                   That Place Restaurant

Iowa River Brewing Company       Bubbaís Burnt Ends BBQ                                      Valuables4Cash                               

Hacket Automotive Center             Big 8 Tyre Center                                                   Baileyís Pizza     

Wayne Judge Plumbing                  Molly Long Photography                                        50 Shades Tattoo Parlor

J Thomas Interiors                         ServiceMaster of Marshalltown                               Rainbow Car Wash

Jax Steakhouse & Lounge             Stalzerís Furniture                                                   Remarkable Rose Floral & Gifts 

The UPS Store                              Tri-State Lock Service                                           Taylorís Maid-rite

Happy Tails Pet Grooming            Moose Lodge 71                                                    Burgieís Coffee & Tea Co.

Stuckyís Vacuum Store                 Ken Wise Buick                                                     MCC Book Store

Old Timer Tavern                          Advance Auto Parts                                               Nagle Signs, Inc.

Super Shine Car Wash                  The Appliance Doctor                                            Iowa School of Beauty

7 Rayos Liquor Store                    The Shop                                                              KFJB/KIX 101 Radio

Anrose Beauty Salon                     Ethington Heating & Cooling                                 Morning Glory Bakery

Create A Keepsake                      Doo Dahís                                                           Sit N Sleep Furniture & Bedding

Theisenís Supply, Inc.                   F And J Racing                                                     Sports Page Ė Sporting Goods

Hellbergís Jewelers                       Primavera Italian Restaurant                                  Mama Digradoís Pizza & Pasta

Fareway Stores                             Hy Vee Drug Store                                               Adland Engraving Company

Menardís Team Members             Staples                                                                 Perkins Family Restaurant

Zenoís Pizza                                  Melbourne Recreational Facilities                          St. Andrews Bar & Grill

Headliner                                                  Jb Service Center      

We would also like to include the following people who gave generously either in time, items, financially, thoughts and prayers: 

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Brandt                 Nancy Reels                 Chris Miller                       Russ Junck                      Mr. & Mrs. Ken Stewart

Mr. & Mrs. Rich Schuelke            Richard Liesche             Nancy Ankrum                 David Grace                   David W. Dacy

Mr. & Mrs. Roger Olson               Bob W. Baxter              Jonathan Goodwin           Brian Grafft                     Mr. & Mrs. Gary Grafft

Mr. & Mrs. Lou Miller                  Mr. & Mrs. Al Paxson   Tim Ritchhart                   Gerry Klecker                  Mr. & Mrs. Harold Engelhaupt

Mr. & Mrs. John Lundy                Bill Gleason                     Richard Witanek             Dick Romer                     Mr. & Mrs. Duane Houchin

Mr. & Mrs. Mervle Henke            Kay Randleman              Michael Snyder                Wayne Ledin                   Mr. & Mrs. Gary Schowengerdt

Greg Winkels                                William Ringhofer           Eric Frueh                         Lu Dodemaont                 Donna Harris

Jackie Heintz                                 Arnold Varey                 Jerry Battles                      Gordon Lavender             Terry Harris & Patrick Vaassen         

Mr. & Mrs. Ted Lewis                            Todd Porter                          G & S.H. Hoyt                            Mr. & Mrs. David Lowe      Mr. & Mrs. Leo McMillen

Mr. & Mrs. Ellis Voss                              Rollie Ray                              JR Reichert                               Lawrence Bloom                    LaMoille Women's Fellowship

Lisa Friedrichsen                                     John Whitehead                 Ronnie Broshar                      Miroslaw Krukowski              Mr. & Mrs. David Burke

Robert Rudsenske                                  Jamie Bland                          Jerry Meide                             Mr. & Mrs. Charles Timm      Mr. & Mrs. Elden Schroeder

Patti Krough                                              John M. Fadden                  James Romanski                    Mr. & Mrs. Billy Johnson        Mr. & Mrs. H. Ellison

Mr. & Mrs. T. Tognetti                           Kay M. Herman                   Mr. & Mrs. M. Peterson        Leann Davis                                 Mr. & Mrs. Darrel Pospisil

Ralph Ferone                                           Claire Cagnolatti                  Ivar Brogger                             Betty Kremer                               Reese Gibbs

Lowell Heimdal                                       Reuben Shrock                     Robert H. Feiertag                 Janet Flanagan                           Mr. & Mrs. Jim Williams

Mr. & Mrs. Maury Bryant                     Mr. & Mrs. D. Eisch               Mr. & Mrs. L. Hall                  Frank Young                                 Mr. & Mrs. Joe Weaver

Judith Hansen                                         Jerry Ladany                             Mr. & Mrs. Mackay Hull     Coleene R. Havens                    Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Mach

Mr. & Mrs. Max Sharp                          Joyce Schmidt                         Gwen Damisch                       Mr. & Mrs. Rex Krough             Theresa Daters

Mr. & Mrs. Dale Albee                         Kristy Hulbert                         Marcy Wheelock                    Tyler Watson                              Mr. & Mrs. Bernie Johnston

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Damisch                 Tammy Muschick                   Marla Grabenbauer              Amber Warnell                           Linda Garrison

Carol Adair                                               Kara Wildman                         Jason Helton                             Mike Wright                                Brandy Strause

Linda Halvorsen                                     Mr. Mrs. Ed Albee                  Mike Manship                          Mr. & Mrs. Tim Stern                Mr. & Mrs. Brian Glenney

Mr. & Mrs. David Engel                        Steve Airey                              Chad Weaver, Jr.                     Terry Dunham                             Mr. & Mrs. Chad Weaver

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Schrader                 Peggy Hannam                        Laura Fricke                                Mr. & Mrs. Dave Hellberg      Tony Snook





Doug_1.jpeg (82922 bytes) Doug_4.jpeg (66801 bytes) Doug_2.jpeg (96604 bytes) Doug_3.jpeg (88775 bytes) 

Dear Friends,

I am writing this letter with a heavy heart, my longtime employee and close family friend Doug Poffenberger has been suddenly stricken with a terminal form of a rare blood cancer (Multiple Myeloma, Stage 3). This disease has hit hard and fast and as in most cases it has been and will continue to be a huge financial burden on Doug and his family.  

Doug and his family are facing a 250 mile round trip to the hospital per visit for 2 years while they fight this disease. They are telling Doug that he will be placed in the hospital for multiple visits of 6 to 15 days and at least 2 - 30 day visits for stem cell replacement. This means his wife, Heather will have huge costs in lodging and travel expenses as well as daily food expense on the road. At the same time Heather is losing most of her income while she travels with and spends time with her husband.  

Doug is 41 years old and was just diagnosed with this disease; Doug and Heather have a 10 year old daughter, Emma and 2 boys Justin & Ian actively serving in our U.S. Military; Ashton a 13 year old stepson and Acelyn a 12 year old stepdaughter.. Doug is a great guy with a good soul and a great attitude in life and has always been a hard worker and devoted to supporting his family by working hard for me daily so he could do just that.  

We at Tom Harris Auctions are asking for your support!  Doug and his family need thousands of dollars today, and many more thousands in the future so they can have money to live on. They will need money to cover daily expenses, Doctor & hospital bills, medicine, travel and living expenses, and house payments. Last year they put all they had into buying their first home and the mortgage goes on in spite of Doug having no income. .  

Please, if you can find it in your heart we are asking you to please write us a check. We need to raise thousands of dollars to be able to even put a dent in this situation. Please give what you can, we appreciate anything you can do to help.  

Another option and opportunity to help our friend Doug is to donate items for us to sell in an upcoming auction which all proceeds from your item(s) will go to Doug and his family. For example, I, Tom Harris am going to donate some clocks, dolls and other items to sell in the auction with the proceeds all being given to Doug and Heather. If you wish, you could send us a lamp, toy, clock, watch or anything to sell in an auction and I will pay for all marketing and give 100% to the cause.  

We need fast action, Doug is in big trouble. Please send as much as you can afford to this cause to Tom Harris Auctions or call Tom or his staff to discuss your donation of antiques or collectibles to this truly worthy cause. Doug is Good People! And good people sometimes need good people to help them out of horrible situations.  

I hope I have not offended anyone by writing this letter and reaching out to my friends and customers, but I know most Antiquers are good people too; and good people have to stick together.  

All and any donations are greatly appreciated and if you want to send Doug a card send it here and we will get it to him. I am sure he will appreciate your thoughts and best wishes. Thank You for your Support!

Tom Harris, Tom Harris Auctions

 Please make all checks payable to Heather Poffenberger,

And send to Tom Harris Auctions, 203 S 18th Avenue, Marshalltown, IA 50158  

641-754-4890   Email: tom@tomharrisauctions.com  

Keep tabs on how Doug is doing at www.facebook.com/helpdougpoffenberger!


DSC_0002.JPG (1194020 bytes)

Thank You Everyone for Your Generosity in Helping Out With and Participating In Our Fund Raising Benefit Auction and Spaghetti Supper For Doug Poffenberger, Cancer Patient


 1-2_30.JPG (62692 bytes) 1-2_25.JPG (47281 bytes)   1-2_32.jpg (98729 bytes) 1-2_34.jpg (102130 bytes)

1858 Lincoln/Douglas Senate Celluloid Jugate Pin with tin back; U.S. Grant Portrait Brooch (Cracked on the face, as is)

We do not have a date for these items but wanted to let everyone know that they would be coming up in 2014!

No Date Set - Look What's Coming Up!

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Great Antique Pottery Cookie Jars 

Including 8 Turnabouts, Shawnee, McCoy, Leeds, National Silver and Other Companies

     7-C7_1.jpg (88756 bytes)7-C7_2.jpg (90186 bytes) 7-C8_1.jpg (92378 bytes)7-C8_2.jpg (89869 bytes) 7-C31_1.jpg (96277 bytes)7-C31_2.jpg (97936 bytes) 7-C11_1.jpg (88224 bytes)7-C11_2.jpg (92368 bytes) 7-C37_1.jpg (93851 bytes)7-C37_2.jpg (96681 bytes)  7-C1_1.jpg (100159 bytes) 7-C4_1.jpg (88851 bytes) 7-C19_1.jpg (94490 bytes) 7-C5_1.jpg (91032 bytes) 7-C20_1.jpg (96803 bytes) 7-C21_1.jpg (96435 bytes) 7-C6_1.jpg (89583 bytes) 7-C27_1.jpg (90785 bytes)  7-C32_1.jpg (90121 bytes) 7-C33_1.jpg (92913 bytes) 7-C10_1.jpg (94171 bytes) 7-C39_1.jpg (92110 bytes) 7-C41_1.jpg (102931 bytes) 7-C43_1.jpg (37278 bytes) 7-C44_1.jpg (98343 bytes) 7-C29_1.jpg (115115 bytes) 7-C18_1.jpg (125651 bytes) 7-C45_1.jpg (117333 bytes) 7-C38_1.jpg (110326 bytes)  7-C46_1.jpg (84339 bytes) 7-C24_1.jpg (98435 bytes) 7-C2_1.jpg (121358 bytes) 7-C25_1.jpg (146189 bytes) 7-C28_1.jpg (127227 bytes) 7-C22_1.jpg (121728 bytes) 7-C26_1.jpg (77665 bytes) 7-C16_1.jpg (120277 bytes) 7-C17_1.jpg (56347 bytes) 7-C23_1.jpg (122356 bytes) 7-C13_1.jpg (132267 bytes) 7-C36_1.jpg (103471 bytes) 7-C42_1.jpg (103302 bytes)



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